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Review of Teardrip Pearamelvape

Image permission by Teardrip
     My local vape shop MadVapes in Concord, NC  has wonderful employees. When asked to show me their favorite juice they have come up with some great stuff. I was shown this juice but they were out of it. I was also told as soon as it come in it’s gone immediately as the employees purchase it too. I had to order it from their on-line store. Teardrip has three flavors. I have only tried this one and when I told them it was going to be reviewed they agreed but didn’t say anything about their other juices. Plus I’m not about to spend money on something someone hasn’t recommended. With that said, I think Pearamel is wonderful. It’s my favorite everyday juice.  I just purchased this and need more. The pear flavor is fantastic. It has a hit of caramel at exhale. Additionally, it is cloud worthy. I get some nice cloud blasts off this juice. It smells good out of the bottle and tastes even better vaping. I can’t get enough. Awesome juice. I highly recommend it even at the almost $23.00 mL bottle.

5 stars out of 5 stars.