KIMG0313Hi there everyone, I’m Jay, a guest of Cindy’s. Cindy has been so great, and has let me try some juices she has, and I thought that I’d give her a hand in submitting some honest reviews.

  1. Chem 101-Potion No.4– The flavor profile is a fruity cereal drenched in milk. This juice actually wasn’t half bad. As I’m a big fan of cereal flavors, I was anxious to give it a go. While not spot on, it came very close to a “froot loop” taste, but to me it had a flavor very reminiscent of gummi worms, but still……nothing wrong with that. Going by Cindy’s rating, I give it an easy 4!
  2. Bad Drip-Ugly Butter– This has always been one of my favorite since the first time I took a puff. The flavor profile is a cinnamon banana pudding type deal. It is absolutely amazing!!!! Great throat hit, smooth, thick, and the taste literally will make your mouth water. An easy 5 on the Cindy Scale!
  3. Razzi Pop-Chomp Squad– Flavor profile is that of a BlowPop. Straw-melon, with bubble gum, and green apple. I have to say that this flavor is spot on! Just like the real thing. That being said, I do wish that it came in a max VG version as well. It is still one of my go-to juices though. If your looking for a sweet, nostalgic vape…look no further! I’d give this one between a 4 and a 5.
  4. I Love Donuts- The flavor profile is Donuts, and wild blueberries. This one could easily be something that you would grab again. Strong blueberry taste, and has an interesting exhale, which while sweet,also packed a pretty good throat hit for me.(which I dig!)An easy 5! Great job on this one, very unique!
  5. Vape Storm-Dat Cereal- This juice is a shot at what I believe to be a “Froot Loop”, and “Trix” combo. It was definitely tasty, but to be honest, there is a multitude of juice flavors out there, that taste just like it. Still good, no complaints, but nothing that stood out. I’d rate it a low 4.
  6. Razzi-Pop-Zesty Bot- This flavor is Key Lime cake with Vanilla Frosting. It’s very true to taste, and is a sweet, but somewhat tart vape, that manages to remain soft on the palette due to the vanilla undertones. I love this juice! I’d rate it 4.5!
  7. Bad Drip-Cereal Trip- Again, I am raving about Bad Drip. This flavor is a fruity cereal drenched in sweet milk, and donuts, if I’m not mistaken. This will leave you with a craving for cereal for sure, I can’t even count how many times I’ve grabbed this at my local Vape Shop. A repeat for sure! 5!
  8. V8P-Prince Charming- This juice was amazing, tasted just like ye ol’ Lucky Charms, which was fantastic, unfortunately for me, there was a major drawback. It tended to burn my cotton and coils in my dripper a lot quicker than normal. I believe it may be due to the high sugar content, which makes it taste great, but it was over shadowed by how often I caught myself having to drip, and then, ultimately, having to change out coils. I have to give V8P a 3.

Thanks everyone for having me, ROCK and VAPE ON! -Jay


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