Conspiracy Liquids part 2 & 3


I’ll be reviewing 2 more of Conspiracy Liquids line-up. Wake Up “a creamy strawberry milkshake” and Plum Island “a fruity white wine flavor.” Hmmm, not into white wine. Good thing they didn’t say this when I bought it! I also taste only a hint of white wine so that’s good for me but you might get into it. I taste a lot of plum which is why I love it. I’m also not big into strawberry juices but with Conspiracy a lot goes a long way and I love what they’ve got going here too. Not overwhelming. Just enough strawberry for a lover and not too sweet for someone who isn’t into a candy tasting berry.

Wake Up reminded me of strawberry shortcake to be honest. I found the inhale to be a nice strawberry taste with an exhale of graham cracker crust or cake. I loved it and CLOUDS for days (same with Plum Island). I’m currently using a mini RDA in my Nebox, which I’m also hoping to upgrade next month.

Plum Island is a nice sweet plum flavoring with a nice inhale and exhale. I can only taste the white wine with the exhale and it’s not a sour taste I normal associate with white wine. It’s a pleasant flavor I haven’t even seen in other juices I’ve looked at, so there’s that too. A true original I find with Conspiracy Liquids.

So here’s the final with the 3 Conspiracy Liquids and a better idea of my rating system.

5 stars=Outstanding

4 stars=Excellent

3 stars=Good

2 stars=Okay

1 star=Don’t Bother

Conspiracy Liquids The Kennedy 5 stars; Wake Up 4 stars; Plum Island 4 stars


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