Conspiracy Liquids part 1

The Kennedy

Right off the bat I’m going to let you know I LOVE Conspiracy Liquids. Their stuff is top shelf juice. This is one of my favorite flavors. I’m not sure why it’s called The Kennedy or why Conspiracy doesn’t push this flavor more often, maybe it’s because they don’t have too. I do know it’s the bomb! It’s subtle which most juices lack. It has authentic flavoring which most juices lack. Conspiracy states that The Kennedy is a pistachio sugar cookie layered with sweet caramel and finishes with delicious vanilla notes. YES! It’s exactly perfect and the above description is on point. I cannot push this juice more (though I’m starting to realize I have a thing for caramel flavored juices even though I’m still looking for a perfect blueberry juice). The pistachio sugar cookie is apparent on inhale. Exhale is the caramel and vanilla notes. It’s complex and nice. Clouds are fine and I can make some nice O’s with this juice. However, I love this for the flavor. It’s uber yummy.

I’m calling this Part 1 because after trying and loving The Kennedy I went right back out to my local store and purchased Wake Up and Plum Island. So more to come from this company. Conspiracy Liquids has me wanting to try all of their flavors. I noticed that I can get their juices from their website for half of what I pay in the store. **If you find you want this buy it direct from them. Even with shipping you will save money.** This probably applies for every juice. Try them in your local store. Like? Get direct from the company. I’m sure stores won’t like me writing this but $12 for 30mL vs $23 is almost twice guys, c’mon, that’s too much.

Got a sweet shot of this during our yearly snow storm. Fireplace and The Kennedy. Perfection.



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