Halcyon’s Dragon Ch’i


I noticed that lots of folks on Instagram liked this particular flavor juice. It’s described as an “exotic blend of dragon fruit and pomegranate.” This sounds fabulous. It was $12 and cheap since I’d been spending in the $22 range for juices. It came right away through the mail and I opened it up and didn’t like the odor. Bad immediately huh? I put about half the bottle in my Nebox and turned the wattage down so I could get a nice flavor hit. It’s 70/30 by the way. Horrible. Overpowering. I turned the wattage up. Still not pleasant. I puffed on it for about an hour before throwing the rest down the sink. It brought up memories of taking liquid antibiotics as a child. Maybe younger vapers can get into this juice but I thought it was awful. Too strong. No cloud material whatsoever.  Very weak vapor upon exhale. I don’t think I’d buy from this company again. It’s too bad since I really wanted to like it. My recommendation: pass on this juice.

1 star out of 5


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