Vaping | Addiction or Hobby?

From a fellow vaper overseas…a great read! Thank you.

Vaping 2016 | UK

Addiction or Hobby. Why do you Vape?

You may find you have been asked this question hundreds of times, maybe even on a daily basis for some of you. But why do you Vape?

Follow my multi-part Story as my life transforms from Smoker – Vaper – Hobbyist – Admin Team of POTV – Working in an Ecig Store – Running my own E-liquid Manufacturing Business.

I started vaping nearly 5 years ago now, we had a new arrival to our family, my Beautiful little Boy.

DSCF5419 Our Not-So-Little-Anymore Boy!

I had made THE PROMISE – you know the one; “I promise I will quit for good this time” or “I’m going to quit on Monday once I have finished this pack”.

How long does it last before your at the shops convincing yourself, i’ll just get a small pack and have 1 or 2 then give/throw the rest away.

I had tried pretty…

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