CharliesChalkDust Head Bangin Boogie

They describe this juice as “tropical blueberry popsicle.” I was told when I purchased it, since I asked for a good blueberry juice, that is was like blueberry lemonade. That sounds good so I bought some at almost $24 for 30 mL. This is a 70/30 juice so I should get some nice flavor. What I got was a flat blueberry inhale at best with a limeade tasting exhale. Sometimes I could taste a hint of blueberry on exhale but it wasn’t often. I adjusted the settings on my Nebox and tried the entire bottle over a week. It never got any better. So for the money, I think I’d try a different brand for a blueberry taste and not get this again. Not that it was bad but it wasn’t great. So for that reason, I’m going with a mediocre rating on Charlieschalkdust Head Bangin’ Boogie.

3 stars out of 5



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