Why Vape?


To answer the question why vape? I’ll have to be perfectly honest and tell you that I have been unsuccessful at quitting cigarettes. Yes, that dreadful habit. I stopped once before for 7 years and started again when I found out I had a mass growing in my head. It ended up being a benign pituitary tumor but at the time, I thought, “if I’m going to die, why not start smoking?” Stupid thinking but I started smoking again. It’s a whole lot difficult to stop the second time. Vaping allowed me to stop because I could control the amount of nicotine I took in. First, I started with high nicotine then slowly got vape juices that had less. I currently vape with 6mg of nicotine.

I also started vaping with that gadget in the picture to the far left. However, I loved seeing the clouds of vapor so I moved up a bit to the box like object in the center of the pic. It’s called the Nebox and produces more control such as temperature of the vape juice and the wattage of the box itself. The coil inside both the Nebox and the e-cig are replaceable and you’ll definitely know when to replace them because you get a horrible burnt taste when you inhale. It’s cheap to replace the coils and your local shop people will tell you how it’s done when you buy your “mod” “e-cig” “rig” “nebox” etc. depending on what you buy. I know I want a mod next as they blow bigger clouds then the Nebox.

Your local shop person will also tell you how to add or change liquid or “juices” as they were called. The juice comes in a bottle like the one on the right in the photo. They can also recommend a liquid. I tried a lot of them at high nicotine when I first started and went with my shop brand. At high nicotine, I would recommend NOT spending a lot of money on juice because you’re going to taste the nicotine and not the flavor. It’s not bad but you don’t get the pleasure of really tasting the juice. Even at 6mg of nicotine, I’m not tasting the pure base of the juice itself at 0 nicotine. I’ll be dropping down to 3mg very soon and eventually zero. I love vaping though and don’t see why I would stop because I find it enjoyable. That’s my basic Vaping 101. If I’ve left anything out or you have a question, please feel free to ask. Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Why Vape?

  1. Hi Eastcoastvapes. I always enjoy reading about peoples journeys in vaping and seeing how they progress with the current trends. I too started with quite a high Nicotine strength, i think i peaked at 40mg and decided to come down as i couldn’t really taste anything. It was purely throat hit!
    Have you tried making your own E-liquid yet? it is way more cost effective.

    Nice choice with the Nebox – great bit of kit!

    My family and some friends often ask me when i will quit Vaping. I like yourself see no reason to quit. It’s a hobby i enjoy and a very active community which is constantly progressing.

    I have never really blogged before and have just got started out. I have been Vaping almost 5 years now and have just started posting my story. Would be cool if you had the chance to have a read and see if you can relate to any of what i have experienced.
    I’m over at vaping2016.wordpress.com

    I Look forward to your reply and thoughts.

    Joel Inman

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  2. Loving to vape ourselves we found nothing that cleaned a vape well or that was alcohol free or eco friendly so we invented our own product. We have a new product called revive vape cleaner (www.revivevapecleaner.com). Cleans your Vape to like new in about 10 minutes is very inexpensive and eco friendly and uses no alcohol.

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